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While aging is a natural process, research has shown that nutraceuticals may contain anti aging properties that can minimize diseases and prolong a healthy life. Anti-Aging nutraceuticals provided in this program are formulated to help individuals maintain the body’s structure and function while also providing emotional  and physical well-being.

“Our formulations are manufactured at a GMP lab which means we provide the highest quality nutrients for maximum absorption. Our goal is to supply healthy nutrients to protect cells from environmental damage and to help individuals feel and look younger at any age.”                 – Kristin Weinstein, ANP-BC

CO-Q 10 200 mg soft gel formula.

A valuable antioxidant for the heart and immune system. Solubilized with D-limonene from citrus rind and vitamin E in a convenient softgel

Multi vitamin /mineral supplement Micronutrient essentials, free of iron and vitamin K.

High-potency multiple vitamin / mineral / trace element supplement recommended during metabolic disorders, illness, drug therapy, and to provide maximum protection for maintaining healthy life span. Contains no iron or vitamin K. Capsule formula.

Plant enzymes with high DPP-IV activity hydrolyze casein, gluten, and other small peptides.

A high-potency, proprietary blend of plant-derived enzymes specifically formulated to assist in breaking down the fullest range of plant and animal proteins, including casein, gluten, and soy proteins.

Our highest-potency ultra-pure fish oil containing over 70% omega-3 fatty acid content.

This exceptional omega-3 fatty acid supplement supplies extra-strength amounts of both EPA and DHA to allow for maximum intake of omega-3s in the fewest number of softgel capsules.

Vitamin D3

High-potency, 5,000 I.U.
Vitamin D is inadequate in many individuals and daily need appears to be higher than previously thought. Vitamin D’s role in calcium metabolism and bone health is well known. However, it has many other important physiologic roles that are not as well appreciated. Vitamin D receptors are widely distributed in the body, including colon, prostate, breast and ovary, where it acts to inhibits the excessive growth of body cells and tissues and helps cells mature normally. Adequate amounts of vitamin D, an essential, fat-soluble vitamin, come from consistent exposure to sunshine and are difficult to obtain from dietary sources. Postmenopausal women, older individuals, and those with malabsorption, limited sun exposure, or certain illnesses may need higher intakes of vitamin D. Vitamin D3, the